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Open Monday-Saturday 11-6pm. Sunday 1-5pm

Sex Instructions for Farmers


128 pages of durty farmers doin durty fuppin things.

Sex Instructions for Farmers is a light-hearted guide to finding and keeping love for that stalwart of the Irish rural community – the bachelor farmer. This man, while a prince behind his plough, who can freely discuss international problems, wilts before the female form. First published in 1980, chapters include sage advice on how to ‘prepare the soil’, how to sow the seeds of a fruitful relationship and how to reap the bounty from his labours.

Filled with pearls of wisdom, such as ‘bottom pinching is unsporting’ and ‘the practice of changing one’s socks once a month will in future be regarded as insufficient’, this humorous piece of nostalgia may still prove useful to some modern men!



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