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Our store in the George's Arcade is open 10.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 11-6pm Saturday and 1-5pm on Sundays
Our store in the George's Arcade is open 10.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 11-6pm Saturday and 1-5pm on Sundays
Penis Jokes

Penis Jokes

Yes, they do exist outside of the graffiti you last saw in the back of a bathroom stall. In fact, such jokes can be quite brilliant and are used in many aspects of life.
As the old advert proclaims, “Sex!... and now that we have your attention… buy Levis Jeans”, while the ancient adage simply puts: “sex sells”, and so do games like Dick Match!!
It’s true; nothing is more interesting than the undercurrent of human desire for companionship that is manifest in sex itself. With that fascination, smut… like sex… sells. Relax though, in this article this article isn't about sex toys, it's about dick jokes... well sexual jokes.
Willy funny card
In our adolescence, the sexual jokes we make about all matters under the sun from the cruellest to the wittiest are an embodiment of that interest in sex. We feel free to mock each other with those jokes or to use them to display our talent for puns. As we grow older, we become accustomed to ideas of political correctness and how some things are "not safe for work" (like the Exploding Kitten NSFW edition) as part of the process of personal maturity. Society advances the idea that restraining jokes about sex make our lives safer, and happier. Or if it is discussed, it should only be done so plainly in the most private and intimate of contexts, because with it all, emotions run high. Tis' serious business!
Wedding willy card
Notwithstanding, some things, Oscar Wilde once remarked, "are too important to be taken seriously". Sex and all that goes with it is not only interesting from the level of fundamental human need but its also funny like these rude greeting cards.
Big Muncher card
When we laugh at something, research finds that the act of laughter is our brain’s reaction to a new logical pathway, a new way of understanding the world that isn’t immediately obvious. In short, it’s thinking differently.
Big bush card
In society, we reward comics, be it through going to stand up shows or finding witty flirts sexy.  Making people laugh is a sign you can genuinely give value to others, it is powerful and rewarding, like Penis Pokey.
Penis pokey book
As blunt as it is to say, it’s also rewarding to have sex. Both mind and body can be both caught up in the whole affair to the point of delirium. I argue it is natural for us to laugh at sex, to blend the use of wit to our intrinsic need for bonding with others.
Though as we grow older, we learn to hold ourselves back from sexual humour, thinking that its too risky to work well, that it is 'low brow'. What's more, genuinely evil people out there use it to harm others, so we learn to avoid it. That being said, maybe one might best consider it as a tool. Good for some things, dangerous when used in the wrong context.  
At Maktus, we sell a few items with penis jokes, how to survive life with a huge penis books on tinder dates and a bunch of tongue in cheek lines that skirt the lines of what’s acceptable. Yet from our unscientific feedback in store, 99% of customers love what we have. We’ve had women as old as 80 literally laugh out loud in store and state how great it is to see new plays on sexual jokes. Sex sells, desire is it what it is, though the opportunity to laugh out loud at something you randomly read on a greeting card is both rare and wonderful. So pop into Maktus, if you are having a wander down the George’s Arcade today and laugh at something different.
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