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Our store in the George's Arcade is open 10.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 11-6pm Saturday and 1-5pm on Sundays
Our store in the George's Arcade is open 10.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 11-6pm Saturday and 1-5pm on Sundays

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Dublin Store Launches Pope Themed Merchandise
23 Aug 2018 
Ahead of Pope Francis' visit this weekend, a Dublin shop is selling a number of papal themed gifts.
Maktus in George's Street Arcade has also given their display a makeover in the form of a stained glass window and is offering shoppers that spend over €100 free confessions. 
The collection includes coasters, badges, originally designed t-shirts and posters by the Maktus team.
Maktus founder Aidan Prior said: "We noticed that not everybody is that keen about the Pope's visit and so we thought we'd bring some humour to the occasion. We then set about creating some products that allowed us to poke a little fun at the whole thing. Along with designing up our own stuff, we scoured around the globe looking for lots of other Papal themed things. Thankfully people are loving it."
Pope Francis Pop Up Shop Opens In Dublin Ahead Of The Weekend
By Garret Farrell
23 Aug 2018
While thousands of people make their pilgrimage to Dublin this weekend, a lot of people are eye rolling at the thought of the superlative hype around the arrival of Pope Francis.
With a lot of people unhappy that Francis is visiting the country, one Irish shop decided to turn the controversial moment into some light humour.
Maktus in George's Street Arcade has turned their display into a Pope makeover with stained glass windows and the promise of a free confession if shoppers spend over €100.
Novelty Souvenirs are proving very pope-ular ahead of Francis visit.
21 Aug 2018 
By Joyce Fegan
 One shop going out on their own is Maktus, which has a premises on Dublin’s George’s Arcade as well as selling online. They are carrying a T-shirt encompassing the Pope’s face, the Pride flag and the Repeal logo. This retails at €18 and also comes in the form of a poster.
The shop is also stocking several coasters, carrying the phrase “Go on, have a can with Fran” and “Don’t be a dope, use a coaster”. 
Other items in stock are a finger puppet of the Pope for €9.95 and a coin purse carrying the pontiff’s face. Perhaps their most playful piece of merchandise is a large sticker of the Pope’s face, which when applied to a car window, looks as if he is travelling in the vehicle with you.

For gifts that are guaranteed to make your recipient smile from ear to ear, check out the unique offerings of Maktus Store, a fun shop based in Dublin’s creative quarter.

From hilarious cards and coasters to scratch-off maps of famous Dublin pubs, this shop has a little something for everyone, and you’re bound to find a fun gift idea here for every loved one on your list.
Maktus provides some laughs with Irish souvenirs
19 Aug 2018
Maktus is a new gift and souvenir store offering consumers Irish-themed mugs, cushions, prints, coasters and amusing greeting cards. Located in Dublin’s George’s Street Arcade, the online store sells products and designs which cannot be found anywhere else.  The store’s interior and soundtrack reflects the brand slogan ‘Liking Different’.
“In a world of multinationals it’s a rare and great thing to see that happening,” Maktus founder Aidan Prior said. “Basically I love design but also having fun with things. During the first three years of running the original shop Abode, I listened to what customers had to say and saw how they loved alternative gifts and humorous cards,” Prior added.
Maktus work as a team collaborating on gift and souvenir ideas. The aim is to make the store a beacon of local talent, providing up-and-coming designers and artists a chance to sample the retail side of design. With so many great graphic designers and illustrators in Dublin, Prior would rather work with them rather than buying in stock from overseas.
Freelance graphic designer Eoin Whelehan has had some fun. “One of the most rewarding elements of creating work for Maktus Studio is the collaborative process. It’s a very enjoyable work environment in which to create and one that has also been beneficial to my own output as a commercial artist.” New Maktus product lines will be launched soon.

5 Dublin Small Businesses YOU Should Know About

By McKenzie Dow
7 Sep 2018
Located in Georges Street Arcade,  as well as online, Maktus is a shop you should check out if you love quirky, fun and affordable things to spice up your life. They supply all sorts of awesome things, not limited to; sarcastic Pope Francis gear, super sassy socks, a 'grow your own bonsai tree' kit, plenty of Miggledy Higgins stuff and a variety of fun party games. A lot of the product is sourced from Dublin artists and makers which is awesome because supporting local creativity is so important! This store is an awesome place to find a kooky and unique gift for a loved one. I also think it's a great stop for tourists to bring home something a little different from our lovely city.

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