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Open Monday-Saturday 11-6pm.
Open Monday-Saturday 11-6pm.

Meet Our Designers

Over the last few years, we've been delighted to have great Irish artists and designers to work alongside us here in Maktus. Since the conception of Maktus we wanted it to be a brand that would incorporate the skills of young Irish artists and designers.  We set out to produce products that steered away from traditional designs as we felt that there was room to bring something new and different to the market.

Since 2017 the studio has grown in size as has the number of designers that have contributed to our products and we hope that continues and that more artists come on board.

Its been brilliant for us to see that there's a demand for what we're doing but also in being able to offer these incredibly talented people opportunities whilst producing gifts and souvenirs that transcends what current day Ireland really stands for.



Contributing Artists & Designers for Maktus


"When I started working in the studio at Maktus it offered that rare thing - a chance to work on regular projects that were actually fun! Producing playful and unique content which taps into the shop's identity is my idea of a good day at the office. Maktus has stocked some of my own work and also allows for flexibility when it comes to taking on commissions and other artistic pursuits. I can fit my regular contributions around my own personal projects, which is a really cool thing for a creative individual making a living in Ireland.
I’ve always had elements of humour in what I create, so collaborating with Maktus is an ideal fit for me. Anything that has a pun, a pop culture reference or just makes you smile is something I want to work on. I enjoy making weird, colourful and subversive art. I also like crisps and toasties."



‘’After studying graphic design and wanting to pursue a career in that field, I noticed how much I missed drawing and painting. So I decided I wanted to look more towards illustration as a career. My work is fueled by my passions in life which include music, comics and mid-century design  aesthetic. I like to include wit and humor into my work which also crosses over into the experience of working on a project in the Maktus studio!’’



Bronagh Lee is an independent artist and illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. When she's not busy making a mess in her Dublin City studio, she's at home curled up on the couch with her dog Finn. Her work is playful, usually containing endearing characters and warm, vibrant colours and she (mostly) takes inspiration from nature and the world around her.



Cathy Hogan is an illustrator and designer based in Cork, Ireland. She graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2018 with a degree in graphic design. Cathy's work is inspired by women, fashion, retro interiors and finding humour and beauty in everyday life. 



''I studied Visual Communication at college in what is now TU Dublin and specialised in illustration and graphic design. Fast forward a few years of working as a graphic designer, getting an art and design teaching qualification, setting up and teaching on the graphic design and illustration course in Marino College of Further Education (where I still teach), before finally circling back to my true love and taking the plunge into starting a freelance illustration career.

Other contributing Artists and Designers with Maktus include:




Katelyn McKenna

"I've always enjoyed drawing and found myself leaning towards working in the illustrative sector after graduating with a degree in graphic design. I love to create beautiful printed products, engaging data visualizations, rich illustrations and clean digital experiences that surprise and delight people. I enjoy the witty and creative approach towards illustration that Maktus favours. It gives us designers the opportunity to produce original and sometimes fun Irish themed illustrations that thankfully lack that diddle-idly leprechaun factor."

Conor Foran                                  


Daniel Eames 






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