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  • St. Patrick's Day Gifts
    March 5, 2021 Aidan Prior

    St. Patrick's Day Gifts

    The countdown to Saint Patrick's Day has started! Ah yes, Saint Patrick's Day. The day when everyone is Irish, at least at heart! This day has been celebrated with grand banquets, church services, parades, and processions throughout the ages, making...

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  • Mentioning Michael D memes
    October 16, 2018 Heber Rowan

    Mentioning Michael D memes

    When we look at a politician with a distinctive look, we are more likely to remember them versus others. Out of all of the different candidates in a given election, it is often easier to remember a face or a look, than it is to remember what they actually stand for. 
    In Irish presidential elections, it's mostly a personality contest, looking at who you'd be happy with presenting your country on the international stage, not one about political policies, so looks do matter. 
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