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Our store in the George's Arcade is open 10.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 11-6pm Saturday and 1-5pm on Sundays
Our store in the George's Arcade is open 10.30-6pm Mon-Fri, 11-6pm Saturday and 1-5pm on Sundays
Kris Kindle & Secret Santa: The definitive Guide

Kris Kindle & Secret Santa: The definitive Guide

Covid changed everything, the way we live, work and have fun. As a result, office Christmas parties have become a thing of the past, but this does not mean that companies cannot get festive and spread some holiday cheer; Kris Kindle and Secret Santa are a great way to get employees into the spirit of the season!

What is Kris Kindle, you ask?

Secret Santa is an office tradition that started many Christmases ago, whose purpose is to exchange anonymous presents with colleagues. Traditionally, the participants' names are placed in a hat; with each person taking turns to draw one name, for whom, he would have to surprise with a small gift, typically between 15 to 20.

Kris Kindle and Secret Santa Gift Ideas

We at the Maktus gift shop, understand that getting the right gift to the right person is important, that is why we offer a wide variety of exciting Kris Kindle gifts ideas, that are perfect to suit all tastes: some of this gifts are:

100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings Book

100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings is a best selling book by Sarah Cooper, it is filled with illustrated tips, examples, and scenarios that will teach the reader how to appear smart & clever in meetings!

Hot-Cookie USB Cup Warmers 

Surprise Kris Kindle recipients with our hot cookie cup warmers, that are equipped with USB powered warming pads, which are designed to keep hot drinks warmer for an additional 30 minutes!

Grow it! Bonzai Trees

Our Grow it boxes are equipped with everything one needs to grow a Bonzai tree at home. Bonzai trees are the ideal presents for people with stressful jobs, as they are natural stress relievers that promote, focus, calm and relaxation. 

Eat a Dick

Is your co-worker giving you sh*t all day? Remind him how much of a big dick he is by surprising him with a  handcrafted 5 oz, mouth-watering Vegan Belgian chocolate dick! Yummy! 

Beanie Hat With LED Light

With the weather becoming colder every day, it's a good idea to present your Tech savvy co-workers with cool LED beanie hats that will keep them warm and safe on dark winter nights!

Whiskey Stones

Our Whiskey stones give new meaning to Whiskey on the Rocks! However, despite the name, whiskey stones are ideal for chilling any beverage, not just Scotch, Irish Whiskey or Bourbon, as such they are the perfect gift to surprise any drink lover!

3 Blind Mice Cheese Knives

An elegant gift for cheese and wine lovers, our 3 blind mice cheese knives are equipped to include, a wide knife for crumbling hard cheeses, a Tear drop blade that is perfect to cut or spread soft cheeses, as well as a Two Pong Fork that will hold the cheese in place while slicing it.

The General's Hot Sauce

Made in USA, with 100% American-grown peppers, our General Hot Sauces are supplied in 4 bursting flavours including HOOAH Jalapeño which can be added to tacos, burritos, enchiladas, Dead Red which is perfect for Pizzas and Barbeques, Danger Close which goes well with hot buffalo wings, and finally Shock & Awe, the spiciest hot sauce that is made with concentrated habanero heat! 🔥🚒

Christmas Cards

Don't forget to include a Christmas Card along with your Secret Santa gift to make sure your Kris Kindle gift stands out!

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