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Open Monday-Saturday 11-6pm. Sunday 1-5pm
Open Monday-Saturday 11-6pm. Sunday 1-5pm

Official Crumlin Shopping Centre Shopping Bag


Stand out from the crowd with this exquisite high quality shopper, hand crafted from silk dating back to the Ming Dynasty of 1528 AD.  Crumling Shopping Centre (Established 124BC) which is regarded by all comrades of Dublin 12 as being Ireland premier shopping experience. Fuck Dundrum and its LUAS, Crumlin is where its at. 

Our sexy black shopper bag is made from a robust 8oz/250gsm cotton canvas. The tote bag features a 10cm bottom gusset that provides extra volume for cans or snack boxes. The thick mediumweight canvas, webeed handles, and bigger size make this bag perfect bag that will last for years.

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