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Open Monday-Saturday 11-6pm. Sunday 1-5pm

Snippers Whiskey Single Bottle Kit


The Whiskey Snippers Kit is a great present for every Whisky enthusiast. This bottle comes with its own Snippers 350ml bottle and wood chips from 20 year old Scottish whiskey barrels.

But how does it work exactly? You fill the Snippers bottle with vodka or gin and then add the chips which will give it that special aged flavour over an 8 week fermentation process. The chips slowly release their flavour, ageing your liquor 'in a wooden barrel’. 
The chips are also reusable so you can repeat the process with a different liquor and add in a herb or spice of your choice to find your perfect combination.
Good luck! 

Content: 1 x 350mL Whiskey Snippers Bottle, +1 Whiskey Chips

Step 1. Add your spare liquor
Step 2. Store for a couple of months in a cool, dark place
Step 3. Filter the liquor through a (coffee)filter before you drink it
Step 4. Enjoy and keep experimenting!

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